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Travel Bucket Lists

When we aren’t traveling, we spend 90% of our conversations talking about where we are going to go (or eat) next. This often includes the places we most want to visit at any particular time. We tried to narrow it down to our top 15 each, but it was super hard! We hope our lists give you all the wanderlust feels and help you dream of your bucket list, too! 

Mykonos, Greece

 Kim:  Amanda:
  1. Switzerland
  2. Giverny, France  
  3. Iceland  
  4. Russia  
  5. Alaska 
  6. Seychelles  
  7. Copenhagen 
  8. San Francisco 
  9. Fiji 
  10. Egypt 
  11. Santorini  
  12. Norway 
  13. Nova Scotia  
  14. St. Lucia 
  15. Hong Kong 


  1. Hawaii 
  2. Iceland 
  3. Argentina 
  4. Antarctica  
  5. Niagra Falls 
  6. Germany 
  7. Japan 
  8. Switzerland 
  9. Bora Bora 
  10. Vancouver  
  11. Austria  
  12. Norway  
  13. Spain 
  14. Maldives 
  15. Rome 




Venice, Italy

Has anyone been anywhere on our bucket lists? Any suggestions? What is on your travel bucket list? Tell us your top 5, if you can narrow it down! 


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