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Meet Amanda

Why hello there! Before I continue, thank you for taking time to join us on our wonderful, crazy adventures across the world! My biggest passion in life is exploring both near and far, and I cannot wait to share these beautiful (pizza filled) memories with you!  

I moved to Indonesia when I was 3 years old, making me an expat child through and through. The flight moving overseas was one of my first memories, and I have not stopped traveling since. It has been such a weird, beautiful life—never knowing one place as home. Even though my life has been so transient, some things that remain true are that the best memories are made with those I love, and that there is so much left of this wonderful world to see. I can’t wait to continue doing both!  

So now a little bit about me! I currently live in Houston, Texas with my dog, Emma. I may be partial, but I think she’s the best. As much as I love Texas, it is definitely nice to escape the weather every month or so and head up to Philadelphia, or wherever else my sister is dragging me at that moment. I have a few loves in life (aside from jet setting) which include: the Houston Astros, pizza, queso, yoga, music, and Starbucks. And if it isn’t evident by now, I am the younger of the sisters!  

As far as favorite places I’ve been in the world, it is hard to decide on just one. For me, however, the beauty that captured my heart was that of South Africa. The raw nature of sunrise safaris followed by the late night Boma (African style BBQ) dinners in the bush while in Kruger National Park were indescribable. I can’t begin to explain the natural marvel of a place like Cape Town where a mountain can meet the sea and you can watch the sun set over both at once while eating an amazing chocolate chip muffin from Mug & Bean (same muffins noted in our first post…so good they deserve two shout outs)! To me, there was something so magical about every aspect of South Africa (and those muffins), and I dream of the day I get to return! 

I cannot wait to share more about myself and get to know you better as time goes on! We are truly excited about sharing this part of our lives, and look forward to learning about your travel adventures as well!  

With love, 


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