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5 Apps That Make Traveling Easier

How often do we rely on our phones when traveling? I honestly don’t have a clue how anyone got anywhere without the Maps app, and how did we make reservations before Open Table? (because we all know millennials don’t make phone calls.) So besides some of the more obvious apps, here are my 5 favorites for traveling and how I use them.  

  1. Notes: I use the basic iOS Notes app for everything. And while it’s fantastic for my to-do lists in everyday life, it is essential for traveling. I use it to design my packing lists, to keep my itineraries, and to store important contact information such as hotel addresses and phone numbers. The great part about this app is that you never need internet or cell service to access it, so you can get to it even on airplane mode. I also love that the notes can be shared with people.  
  2. Citymapper: This app is really the star of the show. I absolutely live by it when traveling. With tons of cities, both domestic and international, this app helps you get wherever you want to go. Just put in your destination, and either use where you are as your starting point or put in a starting point for future planning. The app gives you multiple options, including public transportation, cab, or walking, with specific directions. I would never get around DC without this app, especially using the busses.  
  3. Hotwire: Our parents would be horrified by the number of times we book a hotel in full without knowing what we are booking (sorry, Mom and Dad). But, Hotwire has never led us wrong to date. We are picky about the location, the star rating, and the reviews (don’t go below 80%), and we have always found incredible deals on fantastic hotels. We discovered that the deals are just as great for international hotels, too!  
  4. Yelp: Yelp has never steered me wrong! In fact, my traveling companions always ask me to find a place for us to eat because I love Yelp so much. Yelp is not always as robust internationally, but it isn’t a bad place to start if you’re looking for a great place to eat nearby. In the US, it is an amazing resource. Make sure you contribute too by reviewing the places you try! 
  5. Google Translate: If you’re headed to a country that speaks a language that you don’t, you should probably have Google Translate on hand. This app seriously saved us when we went to Montreal and couldn’t read any of the street signs! They even have some new awesome offline features in case you don’t have Wi-Fi or service.  

Bonus: Airline Apps: If you aren’t using your airline’s app already, please download it. I have this argument with my parents every time they insist on printing out their boarding passes. You can get your boarding pass on your phone—it’s 2018! The apps are generally pretty well designed, and the United app even offers some in-flight entertainment.  

What apps do you use when traveling? I would love some more suggestions!  



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